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The danger with technology is that clever does not always mean good. The PDI Onsecure system uses an ebook reader called Kortext which is intuitive to use and allows for note-taking. The delegate can be used on any device – PC, Apple, Android and the system works off-line and so is not dependent on consistent, secure internet connection.

Intuitive to use

You will see that the images and icons are very user friendly and easy to understand. Quick and easy to navigate through the workbook. Tutorial videos and help buttons are there to help when you need it.

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Individual accessibility options.

To assist with individual needs, you are able to change the reading settings to include the background colour - normal, night and sepia mode. For ease of viewing you are able to change the font size which will then remain consistent for all your books. Text to speech is available with choice of voice and the ability to read sections or the whole document.

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Use on the web or with the kortext app

Access on web or via the app

Downloading the app reader allows your delegates to view the digital workbooks offline. All the DRM is assigned to the offline book as it is for the online book. The delegate will be required to use the login details to access their materials.

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View on multiple devices

The PDI Onsecure digital training manual can be accessed using a laptop, PC, phone or tablet.

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Collaborate + Share

Within the PDI digital training manual, you are able to highlight areas of importance, choose the colour of your highlight and add extra notes to the highlighted area. These notes will then show in your annotations areas so that you can find them easily.

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Freehand drawing on tablet and desktop

Freehand writing

If you would like to add freehand notes, you are able to add notes and find them easily in your notebooks. Choose different pen shapes to suit your needs.

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Search and bookmark

Search the whole book for relevant topics and the search tool will find all pages with the relevant information giving you the areas of the book where the information can be found. You can then choose the page you want and add a bookmark to find at a later date.

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Digital bookshelf

If your delegates can complete multiple training courses with you, all their digital manuals can be stored on one bookshelf. This is very useful for delegates who are completing a programme of courses with you.

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