The Story

PDI started life in Basingstoke in 1998, supplying technical and training manuals to Microsoft. Amanda and Richard, the original founders, realised that the training industry had requirements which were simply not being served by the printing industry. Training courses need delivery directly to venue, they need printing in small quantities and they need pricing on a constant per delegate basis. Over the next 20 years PDI developed a print and electronic distribution solution which is focused on the training market.

Last minute delegates, constantly updated materials, venues that are a struggle to deliver to, multiple languages and version control.  We get the training world.

But the best bit about the training world is the people - we genuinely have made friends across the industry and across the globe. The work that we do is done with honesty, integrity and lots of fun and we welcome the opportunity to work with lots of new people in future.



The PDI Team outside of their Basingstoke Office
Global Reach

The PDI Family

Global reach

Global Reach

For over 25 years, PDI provides worldwide fulfilment of printed products and promotional merchandise, regardless of geographical location. 

Discover the power of PDI, where cutting-edge software seamlessly blends with the expertise of our dedicated professionals, providing you with an all-in-one solution for print, branded merchandise, event support, and fulfillment services.

CEO - David

David joined PDI in 2012 when his company Pavilion bought PDI. One might have expected there to be major shift in PDI – but David freely admits he did not stamp his mark on PDI but rather the strong culture of PDI stamped its mark on him. There has been significant investment in systems in the last few years and in particular in the e-book solution OnSecure, developed with our US partner company. There will be further investment in systems as the world of learning and technology changes and develops.

PDI team photo

PDI - The Team

Like many teams, PDI is a mixture of personalities and skills and we are bonded by the single belief in the business and the need to ensure that the customer gets what they want. We recognise the need to ‘go the extra mile’ in a competitive environment where we take no customer for granted. We treat people the way we would want to be treated ourselves - with respect, with honesty and integrity. Businesses are not strategy papers, budgets, sales spreadsheets and bank balances – businesses are communities of people and therefore we look forward to meeting you and working with you.

The Future

The world of instructor led training is evolving. Some see a world where all training is delivered from an interactive web site but for those who see training as far more than a ‘box-ticking’ exercise of imparting facts and for those who see the future as needing interaction and discussion based learning outcomes – then instructor led training is here to stay. PDI will be here to support that training with materials – in printed or e-book format or whatever formats the future holds.

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