Providing the trainer with technology

By listening to the training organisations we work with, we have developed a tailored eBook solution. This gives the trainer a secure eBook, which is easy to administer. An advanced elegant ebook which is easy to use for the delegate as well.

Secure digital rights protection

Publishing training materials by simply sharing a PDF means that the materials are no longer under your control - they can be printed, amended, and distributed electronically with just a few clicks. PDI eBooks provides a full DRM solution.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) - means the files are protected. You control who has access to the material, set the amount of printing that can be done and control the amount of copying from your digital training manual.

PDI eBooks create the right balance between a world of learning and collaboration and the need for security and the protection of your Intellectual Property.

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Colourful detailed workbooks

Use colour to enhance your training material. When printing, you have to consider the colour print cost over black and white print but with digital training manuals there is no difference, so take advantage and enhance your training material by adding as much colour as you need.

Front covers – Your digital training manuals will be viewed on a digital bookshelf and as such will be your delegates’ first impression so you can design a cover with bold text and lots of colour.

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Modernisation Of Course Delivery

Modernisation Of Course Delivery

Many training companies are enhancing the user experience through the provision of digital training material. Are your customers asking for a digital solution? PDI eBooks gives your customers choice. Printed training material, digital manuals or quite often both. Flexible 24/7 access to their training manuals online or offline through web browser and apps available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. If your clients are unable to use the app, the web viewer is a user friendly alternative.

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Easy Navigation

The PDI eBook digital training manual uses an active table of contents which allows you to navigate through your training documents swiftly and precisely, and search using key words. No wasted time training delegates on the use of the workbook.

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Collaborate + Share

Trainers can create groups with their delegates enabling sharing of notes within the group. See what others are sharing and use the information to consider course material updates or new content..

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Next Generation Digital

The development of the digital manual does not stop. Instead of using PDI eBooks to distribute existing content, there is the ability to enhance the content. Embedding video presentations with material, creating interactive question and answer sessions within the material. The journey for this technology has only just started.

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PDI Onsecure content example

Improving Learning Outcomes Through Analytics

PDI eBooks dashboard gives training providers access to usage data that shows how users are engaging with your digital course content.

How is a user engaging across their course? You can filter by course or drill down to individual modules to see what delegates are reading. Find hot topics which could encourage a new course to be designed.

How long are your users spending reading your training material? Analyse the time spent as a total or by individual users.

When are users accessing their digital books? What times and on which days are users viewing their workbooks during the course and post training course date.

What devices do users prefer? As PDI eBooks can be viewed on any screen and platform, it helps to focus training around the most popular device.


  • Everything put together in one place, manual, handouts
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Powerful analytics
  • Train face to face, via web presentation
  • Add video
  • Check understanding using questions and answers/forms at the end of sections

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