Interactive eWorkbook

Interactive eBooks are ebooks that have elements with which your audience can directly interact. You can write directly in the eBook; answer test questions with revealed answers; fill in and submit forms including assessments; reveal interactive diagrams and games; embed video and links.The ePub3 format from PDI Digital will give you a truly interactive experience. 

Features on an Interactive eBook

Write in the eBook

Engagement with material is everything in learning - this eBook allows you to write on the page of the electronic book. Type or free text. Save locally for future reference,

  • Type in the book
  • Freehand draw
  • Save in the book
Interactive eBook
Interactive questions

Questions and Answers

Multiple choice with pop up answers allows students to self test. Short form questions allow free form text which can be submitted for assessment or saved locally

  • Multple choice
  • Free form questions
  • Submit and/or save

Forms and Assessment

Build forms and assessments within the book. Either free form questions or ratings. The PDI eWorkbook allows the form to be submitted by email directly from the book or to be saved locally for future reference

  • Standard Assessment forms
  • Bespoke forms
  • Submit via email or save
Forms and assessment
interactive diagrams

Interactive diagrams, videos and links

Enhance the images with pop ups and hot spots within a diagram or photograph. Add embedded videos and links to Google Search and Wikipedia look up

  • Images with pop ups
  • Embed video
  • Embed links