5 Frustrations Training Companies Have With Their Course Materials

Insights 5 Frustrations Training Companies Have With Their Course Materials

Many training organisations we listen to talk about the frustrations they face when having to prepare training materials for courses they run. They finished the course content & have delegates booked onto the course but then they have the worry of their materials. Here are the top 5 frustrations that we are told about.

1) Long Lead Times

Many organisations require an on-demand print service and need their materials produced and distributed within short notice. This may be because they have had delegates booked on a course at the last minute or mistake the final numbers in the initial order. This is a frustration that can have detrimental effects on your brand if you cannot adapt to last minute bookings.

2) Distribution Issues

There are a variety of frustrations that come with distribution, for example, delivery not being made, international issues which can delay delivery such as customs, damage to packages when in transit. What all training organisations want to know is if their materials are going to get where it needs to be, on time, in perfect condition. Being able to track your materials and speak to a person when required helps providers feel at ease that their manuals will arrive safely.

3) Getting Everything Delivered at Different Times

Ordering your training manuals, marketing collateral and peripherals can all be done through separate suppliers which can sometimes cause serious issues. What training providers really want is all of their materials packaged and delivered at the same time. It is important to have a fulfilment service as this again gives you confidence and trust that all materials will be there and represent your brand in the right way. It will also save employees time and increase efficiency.

4) Being Unable to Edit or Order Their Materials When They Want

Training providers would like a simple way to be able to order their materials. Some print companies will make you send the content every time which is a timely exercise. A lot of providers may also buy the content in bulk to keep the cost down and reduce time spent sending and ordering files, however we understand that complex training may have version changes and updates on a regular basis. What training companies need is to be able to easily upload any file and order the most up to date version of what they require at that time.

5) High Costs

Cost is important to any business and the cost of your materials should be realistic and within your budget. Being able to review how much is being spent for your course materials & marketing collateral enables companies to budget for the next month, quarter or year ahead. What providers want to know is how much it costs to have a manual, marketing collateral and peripherals for each course per delegate. This way you can see how much expenditure you have compared to the cost of the course. Having a report that tells you how much you spent on each course helps you keep track. A lot of companies think that it will cost a lot to outsource however in reality it is probably more cost effective. Office printers cost a lot more per printed page compared to a supplier and then there is the time and cost of staff who will be doing this.

Your Solution

Here at PDI Europe Ltd we specialise in print on demand solutions and work solely with the training industry. Our specialist team produce your materials to the highest standards, provide a diligent fulfilment service and provide a customer support manager to track your deliveries to ensure they arrive where they have to be on time. Our customers range from manufacturing companies providing product manuals to multi-partnered training providers who train worldwide.

If you are interested in having an open discussion to see if PDI Training Solutions can save you time and money please don’t hesitate to contact us.

By: Louise Bone