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Events - Are Golf Days Still a Way to Promote a Brand?

Insights Events - Are Golf Days Still a Way to Promote a Brand?

In our world of marketing and promotions, customers are constantly seeking innovative ways to capture the attention of their target audience. However, there are timeless strategies that continue to deliver exceptional results. One such strategy is hosting golf days as a means to promote a product or brand. Golf days have an enduring appeal as a promotional tool and remain an effective means of showcasing a brand, product or service. It’s all about contact with people.

The Opportunity to Network

Golf days provide a great platform for businesses to engage with clients, prospects and industry influencers. The relaxed and informal setting of a golf course fosters a conducive environment for building relationships and forging connections. As participants engage in friendly competition, conversations flow naturally, enabling companies to network, creating connections that can lead to long-term partnerships and business opportunities. This is not something for an ‘older’ generation either, as golf had a surge of interest during the pandemic with a new generation of players.

Brand Visibility

Hosting a golf day allows businesses to prominently display their brand throughout the event. From banners and signage at the registration area to branded golf merchandise and equipment, every touchpoint presents an opportunity for brand visibility. As participants spend several hours on the course, they are repeatedly exposed to the brand's messaging, creating a lasting impression and reinforcing brand recall.

Building Trust 

Golf is often associated with prestige, professionalism, integrity and hopefully fair play. By hosting a golf day, businesses align themselves with these qualities, boosting their own reputation. When clients and prospects witness a company's commitment to organising a well-executed event, it instils confidence and trust in the brand. The relaxed atmosphere also allows for meaningful conversations and interactions, fostering an environment where businesses can showcase their expertise, share insights, and establish themselves as trusted industry leaders.

Showcasing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Golf days can also serve as an opportunity for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Incorporating charitable components, such as fundraising activities or supporting a local cause, not only contributes to the greater good but also showcases a brand's values and commitment to making a positive impact. This not only resonates with participants but also reinforces the brand's image as a socially responsible entity. Using environmentally friendly merchandise and giveaways adds to this.

Tailored Sponsorship

Sponsorship opportunities associated with golf days allow businesses to maximise their brand exposure and reach a wider audience. Sponsoring specific aspects of the event, such as the longest drive or nearest-to-the-pin competition, provides targeted visibility and generates positive product associations. Additionally, sponsoring prizes or branded giveaways allows businesses to further extend their reach, as participants share their experiences and engage with the brand on social media platforms.

Long-Term Brand Reminders

Golf days often leave a lasting impression on participants, who associate the event with a memorable day of camaraderie and enjoyment. To further capitalise on this, businesses can provide branded merchandise, such as golf balls, caps or shirts, as giveaways or prizes. These items serve as long-term brand reminders, as participants continue to use and display them beyond the event, spreading brand awareness to a wider audience.


In a digital era dominated by virtual interactions, the enduring appeal of in-person events like golf days cannot be underestimated. They provide a great opportunity for businesses to connect with clients, showcase their brand, and establish meaningful relationships. With networking opportunities, brand visibility, trust-building potential and long-term brand reminders, golf days continue to be an effective way to promote a brand. So, if you're looking for a timeless promotional strategy that combines leisure and business, organising a golf day could be a hole-in-one for your brand's success.

By: David Platt