How to Know if Your Courseware Management Program is Serving You Well

Insights How to Know if Your Courseware Management Program is Serving You Well

If the training services your company offers are growing or you’re adding more courses in more locations and perhaps even in different languages, you need a system to manage this content for you.

Courseware management programs help companies manage and distribute their printed and electronic training materials quickly, securely and cost effectively.

As you envision the ideal system for storing and managing your companies courseware, these key concerns should be really in your thinking:

  • How easy is the system to use for your team, your partners and your students/delegates?
  • What document type does the system support and is this flexible?
  • Does the system have Print-On-Demand (POD) capability? Is it integrated with a print & fulfilment partner who can produce your materials accurately and as needed?
  • How secure is your online training content?
  • Can the system customise and even personalise your courseware?
  • Can your training team access your body of courseware easily and efficiently?
  • Are multiple payments options supported? What about payments in foreign currencies?
  • Does the system help manage your costs? What kinds of accounting reports does the system generate?
  • Can a courseware management system be integrated with your marketing portal creating a single, central repository for your course materials?

Whether your primary concerns are document security, courseware customisation, cost control and analysis or global delivery, it’s vital that you find a courseware management program that works for your company.

Make sure you work with a partner who has experience in courseware management, distribution & delivery specifically for training providers. PDI would love to hear from you to discuss your own unique requirements.

By: Louise Bone