The Solution to "On-Demand" Printing

Insights The Solution to "On-Demand" Printing

PDI is a specialist company dedicated to providing an ‘on demand’ print, fulfilment and distribution service to the training industry. PDI’s core business is to provide organisations with a fully managed service which is why so many global corporations trust us. Our easy to use solutions enable our clients to maximise the efficiencies of their training departments & personnel. Our aim is to save you time & money. You are able to view reports online 24/7 so you can keep track of what has been ordered.

We are experts in producing highly complex training materials for our clients. The online file upload service means it is easy and fast for you to send us your files. We will ensure your individual files are coded and the only files we will make available for you to order are those that you want to see. If you want a file removed from our data set, or replaced just let us know and we carry out all the version control in house.

All additional training items such as published books, blu-tack, posters etc. are securely stored awaiting pick and pack requirements.

We offer a customer service focused solution based on the understanding of the many challenges and frustrations training departments face in the simple task of getting training courseware produced and distributed correctly.

If this is of interest I would be happy to get an understanding of what you are looking for & explain how much our solutions can benefit you.

By: Louise Bone