The Issue

It is not uncommon in the training industry to not only run training courses but to have other accredited partners training on the same material which requires multiple parties having access to the same material – or more commonly some partners have access to restricted parts of the catalogue. The invoice may need to go to the owner of the materials or the accredited training partner. Multiple languages and currencies make the situation even more complex.

The Solution

Within the PDI systems a new accredited partner is given a unique user ID. The user ID can define the language, the currency and the billing address and also the parts of the product range available for order. We can work with you to create a tailored solution to manage the billing and pricing structure available to accredited partners.

Our system was designed for the world of printed manuals, created for the specific needs of PDI training customers, but the same system is used for placing orders for digital manuals - print and digital fully integrated to create a tailored solution.

"Many, many thanks for this. I do very much appreciate your great support, again. :) Please send a big Thank You to the production team too"

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