The Issue

Some training sectors are highly competitive. Health and Safety and Project Management open courses are two such sectors. The success of the training company comes from the quality of the product they produce, of course, but also from their ability to be agile. Keeping open the course to late entrants as long as possible can be the key to profitability. Late entrants still require course materials, so you can either carry stocks of materials that you may not need or be at the mercy of your printer.

The Solution

For many years PDI has been successfully serving the open course training market. We have developed a set of systems which enable the production and distribution of printed materials in the slickest of timescales. Most orders will be despatched next day – often shipped same day. To achieve this we use on line catalogues of pre-prepared materials and often integration via API to the LMS (Learning Management System) of clients.

The other solution of course is digital distribution. Whilst it does take a while to set up new materials in the digital format (2-3 days) – once set, a late entrant can be given access to the materials digitally within minutes of request (providing they have Internet access). Adding a late entrant becomes so much swifter, the deadline thus extends and with that the potential profitability of each open course.

"I can’t thank you and the team enough for all you did for me yesterday – you really pulled me out of the tightest of spots – thank you so much for going above and beyond!"

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