The Issue

Whether its software, networks or other high tech products the principal characteristic of the industry is the speed with which it moves. The rate at which updates, upgrades and changes are made. Version 8.0.1 is soon replaced with Version 8.0.2. The training manuals with the screen shots and diagrams change constantly. Whilst a new version appears this does not necessarily mean that the old version has to be archived – two different clients requiring training on two different versions. Add in the fact the manual is in four different languages and…….well you get the idea.

The Solution

The traditional local printer can cope with having a dozen or so different files for each client but when the number is in the hundreds of files, all very similar, then the answer is having a database management system with strict process rules for numbering, archiving and management. The PDI on line portal was designed to allow navigation around a catalogue of products divided into categories, sub-categories and sub-sub categories. Add a search function and the ability to view thumbnails and you gain control.

By giving each product a unique identification number we remove the possibility of error. Even minor amendments to a file result in a new id number, with older version always archived, never deleted.

“You are a star. You just take the worry away, thank you.”

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